Debt Consolidation

Choose debt consolidation with NZCUAre your debts piling up with late payments and high interest rates? Are you searching for a debt consolidation loan NZ?

The free hire purchase shop credit may have run out meaning you are paying 28%+ interest, credit card debt may be mounting, you may have late payment fees on your power, rates and water, you may be paying exorbitant rates on payday loans.

There are many times that it is wise to consolidate all your debts and preferably secure them so as to obtain a lower interest rate.

  • yes, we can also provide unsecured debt consolidation loans

Obtain an easy debt consolidation NZ loan from NZCU and ease your worries.

We offer personal service from a dedicated lending consultant to get one of our loans tailored for you.

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NZCU debt consolidation loans offer:

  • Affordable repayments
  • A selection of repayment terms
  • Dedicated loan consultant
  • Top up your debt consolidation loan at any time *

Apply online today and one of our friendly loan staff will be in contact with you.  Together we will find out how we can responsibly reduce your many loan repayments to help you live your dreams.

Because the NZCU group have no ‘outside’ shareholders, all our profits (after providing for necessary reserves and operating costs) are returned to members through low cost loans and reasonable fees, and top interest rates on savings.

*Lending criteria apply.