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Staff profile – Selwyn Screen – NZCU Employees CEO

August 12th, 2011 -

Selwyn Screen - loves wide open spaces

I’m a mixture of Maori (Ngati Whatua), Scottish,and English genes.  Screen is English and comes from my Grandfather who travelled from England and took up farming in Matakohe near Dargarville, where he married my Grandmother Lucy Tana.

Mum and Dad were dairy farmers, and my best schooling came from being raised on a farm with all the practical challenges and the number 8 wire solutions, the management of animals, and the working in wide open spaces.

I went on to become a Chartered Accountant with an MBA and a business degree working in the corporate world but the grounding, the lessons, and the values that I learned in my childhood have never left me.

Years ago I was introduced to a careers consultant and I discovered something interesting about myself, that I work best for a cause, something that I believe in, and something that I am passionate about – which is why I have worked in the non-profit sector for the past 20 years, firstly with Workbridge Incorporated, and for the past 15 years in the Credit Union movement.

NZCU Employees traces back 40 years ago to when the late Sir James Fletcher, Managing Director of Fletcher Holdings, learned about credit unions and decided to start one up for the benefit of company employees.  In fact he started up seven Fletcher Company credit unions spread throughout New Zealand.

After three years working as a Business Consultant for the NZ Association of Credit Unions I was employed by Fletcher Challenge Employees Credit Union as its first CEO.  My focus, and the focus of the credit union, has always been to improve the lives of our members and our mission has been “to help take the struggle out of finance”.

Credit unions are streets ahead of the competition, with lower fees, free services, affordable loans, and a real care and concern for our members.  But we still have to meet all the standards and comply with all the regulations of any financial institution so the level of supervision and compliance is extremely high.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way; after all it’s our members’ money that we are entrusted with.

I’m married to Nimo and we have four children which keeps us busy with school, sports, and social activities.  Any spare time I have is usually spent on running (training for a half marathon somewhere) or playing golf, which takes me back to my upbringing of working in wide open spaces.

Kia ora


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