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Staff Profile: John Rigby – Otago Business Development Officer

July 20th, 2011 -

I have been involved in management for over 30 years having worked for some of Australasia’s largest food manufacturing companies and several SME’s covering a range of industries. Most of the companies utilised varying degrees of technology but all the operations employed people from many different cultures, skill levels and educational standards.

Focus at time of hiring was on the skill set and ability to do the job, little emphasis was placed on numeracy and literacy skills, based on the assumption these had been developed earlier in life. With the benefit of hindsight this was an erroneous judgement.  As a consequence there have been several times in my career that I would have really appreciated someone walking into my office and offering to provide me a free financial health check on my 100+ employees like NZCU South offer.

Our overall performance was affected by repeated absenteeism, low productivity and workplace accidents. Extensive global research into these issues has revealed that one of the major causes is employees struggling to come to grips with personal financial issues and not making financial plans to achieve their future goals.

As a good employer I genuinely cared about my employees but did not have the time or resources to work with them to improve their literacy skills and financial wellbeing. NZCU South provides the resource and the skills required to work with employees on sorting out these issues while the employer can focus on running their business. NZCU South also provides regular feedback on the financial health status of employees and assessments of their improving engagement in the company.

Many employees have benefited from our ultimate money coaching package which includes a professional one-to-one coach to ensure financial goals are met. We are so sure that you will find this of benefit, we offer the first three months free of charge.

So join us on the journey to achieving financial stability and personal wellbeing.


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