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Save money and reduce household stress with this weeks Easy Banking Blog

June 22nd, 2012 -

Reduce your stress and save money with a household budget

So many New Zealand households run their finances week to week or month to month without really knowing what they should be spending on what, until it’s too late and they begin to run into financial difficulty, or run out of money to pay the essentials; food, mortgage, rent, petrol etc. To help prevent this from happening, developing a household budget can not only help reduce stress, families can actually identify areas where they can be saving money. As an example if you have only $250 for groceries, then taking a calculator with you to the supermarket can help you stay on track and avoid those impulse purchases, meaning you stay within your budget and don’t waste money. A great household budget can be found at Sorted (click here).

Debt consolidation can help families manage their money

Leading on from our last Easy Banking Blog, a third of New Zealand households are being forced to use credit cards to pay off purchases they couldn’t otherwise afford according to a consumer credit survey. Couple these high interest credit cards with a few hire purchases coming off interest free terms and payments can start making a serious dent in household income. Many New Zealanders are looking to debt consolidation loans as a way to bring all the different payments and high interest rates under control. To find out how NZCU can help you manage your money and get your debt under control click here.

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