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Power Your Savings

June 8th, 2012 -

Save money on your power bill

Heating the rooms in your house makes up about 29% of your monthly power bill, this is more than any other electrical cost in your household (http://www.powerswitch.org.nz/). Many Kiwis are spending a fortune each month heating their house only to have all those dollars floating out the walls, ceiling and floors of their rooms. EECA are currently offering up to $1300 towards the insulation of floors and ceilings and even more if you hold a community services card. To find out more visit: http://www.energywise.govt.nz/funding-available/insulation-and-clean-heating  It is definitely worth looking into especially if it can save you money on your day-to-day living costs.

Switch onto savings now for a Merry Christmas!
A third of New Zealand households are being forced to use credit cards to pay off purchases they couldn’t otherwise afford according to a consumer credit survey. Every year thousands of Kiwis end up in financial strife due to Christmas over-spending, leading many to fall into the debt trap, often at the hands of unscrupulous money lenders.

With only 200 shopping days left until Christmas it is not too late to begin saving even a few dollars a week. How nice would it be to have some extra money stashed away to help your family have a Christmas to remember? Say goodbye to those sleepless nights, lying awake thinking ‘how am I going to pay for this?’, come in and see the friendly team at NZCU Baywide and enquire about our Christmas Saver account and get ahead of your finances. With competitive interest rates and low account fees NZCU Baywide is not for profit, it’s for you.

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