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Pat Lamb – Money Coach

June 22nd, 2011 -

Pat Lamb, Money Coach, NZCU South

Hi my name is Pat. I have been a Money Coach at NZCU South for 18 years. I have an outgoing personality and focus on the positive things in life and I personally love a challenge.

As a young person I looked and thought that life was really unfair at times, but then I become a young woman and realised that we do have choices bringing me to the place where I am today – helping people turning their lives around and moving forward.

You might ask the question “What is Money Management?”

Money Management is structured for all walks of life, from professionals that lead a busy lifestyle, everyday working people and those who are struggling from payday to payday. We set up accounts that meet all of your daily weekly, monthly and yearly outgoings. An important part is also setting future goals and making saving easy. In two words “reality” and “discipline” are at the heart of our Money Management service.

During the time that I have been a Money Coach I have had many success stories with members who have started out as horror stories moving on to be the pride of Money Management. Customers are now introducing their children to work with me to help ensure they too become financially stronger.

I would love to have the opportunity to take an hour of your time to see if you too could have an even better tomorrow.

Look forward to meeting with you.

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