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NZCU enters Global Corporate Challenge

July 21st, 2011 -

Many NZCU staff around New Zealand have taken on the Global Corporate Challenge. This is a health and well-being event aimed at improving the fitness levels of office workers and raising the awareness of employee health.
Employees form teams of seven and they compete against teams all over the world and the website plots the team’s progression along a virtual tour of the world. A nutrition Coach is available to encourage a healthier diet. A pedometer is used to measure individual steps and the challenge is to beat 10,000 steps per day.
Here are some stories from our NZCU team:

  • “I set out to better previous personal best, had too many cups of tea before I left home, called into Mitre 10 to use the ladies, pedometer came off trousers and bounced into the cubicle next door which was occupied, person went to give it to me but dropped it and bounced into the cubicle next to her also occupied.  Came back to me by being passed under the doors,  bit red faced but got it back and carried on walking but had to call into the museum, a cafe and a staff members place to use facilities before I reached my destination.   Achieved personal best of  25,463 steps.   Rehydrated when I got home.    Now keep fluid intake prior to a big walk to a minimum.”
  • “Well actually! My 1st pedometer landed up on a plane to Saudi Arabia!!!!! My little granddaughter was over for a holiday and liked it so she snuck it into her bag and showed Mummy & Daddy on the plane after takeoff!”
  • “GCC challenged me to achieve 30,000 steps. This particular my partner and I set out walking and finally arrived home with 21,000 on the pedometer – still 9,000 kms to go and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed but on the treadmill I go! I finally achieved 30,000 steps at 10pm and crawled into the shower. My pedometer ends up in some very weird places, my first one dropped off my skirt and got run over and my second one has been dropped in some unspeakable places!”
  • “The only issue I have had is forgetting my pedometer and it only happened yesterday. I had already done 7000+ steps in the morning. I take the dog for a walk. Then later in the day another staff member asked me how I was doing? Dam it, it wasn’t on my skirt. I had lost it. I tried retracing my steps to no avail no pedometer!  I got home and had a look in my room I had a funny feeling and there it was in full view on my robe belt ( I was very annoyed with myself). All those steps lost from the day.”
  • “My first personal best was achieved moving house! Glad it didn’t take moving house again to beat it.”
  • “My GCC coach challenged me to get 30,000 steps over the weekend. Man I walked and I walked all day and I was doing it till dark in the rain, I got 28,000, I was just so tired and very gutted just needed to do 2 more K. I may give it another go.”

This is Global Corporate Challenge’s eighth year but only our first.  We will definitely be entering again next year. It is fun and challenging and is a great team building event.

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