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No more stress with Money Management

June 10th, 2011 -


Here is some recent feedback we had from a member (we love to hear stories like this!). This is Lynette’s story…

Where should I begin? Life is much more rewarding and easy with the help of Sue and NZCU.

We were just struggling with everyday bills, my husband and I were so stressed out that life for us was hard with two kids at home, my husband has depression and could not see a way out until Robbie told us about Money Management and Sue.

We made an appointment ASAP.

Since then life is definitely a lot better.  Sue has got us on a great budget and has taken all the stress and hassle off my shoulders so now I actually feel no stress about money.  We just call her and she will always fix our problems.

I would recommend the service and Sue to anyone struggling, stressed feeling like they cannot see a light out to make their life much better.


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