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Make next Christmas more memorable

January 11th, 2012 -

Christmas can be an expensive time, but with a Christmas Savings Account you have the whole year to save.  The Christmas Saver Account is a great way to save up for Christmas, by paying a little each week, funds are set aside for when they are most needed so it doesn’t feel like Christmas has crept up on you.

The temptation to dip into your Christmas funds is taken away because the great thing is you cannot withdraw from this account until the 20 November.

This is what our members are saying:

  • It is a fantastic way to ensure a happy and debt free Christmas
  • You can’t access it during the year, it’s a good way to save
  • Love it and I get everyone I know to start one
  • Had the first stress free Christmas in years
  • It is awesome
  • Definitely recommend it to everyone
  • I don’t know how we would have had a Christmas without it
  • Nice knowing that I can’t touch it till December, it’s been a real life saver
  • I think it’s such a beneficial thing to do for every family
  • Pays for Christmas plus a holiday every year – it rocks
  • Love my Christmas Saver, so much easier, don’t have to worry
  • It truly was a load off our shoulders.

There’s no time like the present.  Open your Christmas Saver today.  Call us on 0800 865636, email us  or pop into your local branch.

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