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First Home Buyers – Rescued from Rent

September 13th, 2011 -

Willie and Ang have been credit union members for 10 years and had never thought that they would ever own their own home. That was until they received NZCU Baywide’s ‘Rescue me from rent’ flyer in the post. The flyer included a table that outlined (based on weekly rent) how much someone may be able to borrow, which got Willie and Ang thinking … could they actually buy their own home?

A visit with their local NZCU Baywide branch lender confirmed that ‘yes’ buying their own home was a possibility! Willie’s and Ang’s lender led them through the process – organising a Welcome Home loan pre-approval, helped them access their Kiwisaver savings to go towards their new home and talked them through the purchase offer process.

Just over two months after receiving their NZCU Baywide ‘Rescue me from rent’ flyer, Willie and Ang are really excited as they are due to move into their first home

Find out more about how NZCU Baywide could rescue you from rent here.

Further information on Welcome Home loans is available here and Kiwisaver information is here.

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