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Where will you get your next car loan?

April 9th, 2014 -

For an easy, fast and hassle free car loan, see NZCU.

We have money to lend right now, so if you are thinking about updating your current car and you need finance, contact us today!

Even if you don’t know what car you want to buy you can get a pre-approved car loan and then go shopping knowing that your finance is already in place. Even if you don’t have a deposit or trade in towards your new car NZCU can get you into your dream car.

With a NZCU car loan you will only pay from 13.95% pa interest with application fees lower than most other lenders or banks. We can also arrange insurance and full warranties for your new car, substantially cheaper than offered by motor dealers. We even have built in loan repayment insurance charged monthly against your current loan balance. In other words if you pay out your loan early your repayment insurance premiums will also stop.

With our very competitive motor vehicle insurance policy you can buy the car from anyone and leave the rest up to us.

It is as-easy-as to apply for a car loan online. We’ll give you an answer within a few hours.

Don’t delay, your new car is waiting and so are we – it really is that easy.  Even better we may be able to give you pre-approval before you start looking. This means you can go out and negotiate the very best deal knowing you have the money available.

To take advantages of this offer simply get that mouse clicking and Apply Online.

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