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Being prepared for a funeral

May 16th, 2012 -

A death in the family causes much distress and grief.  The stress can be even greater if there are immediate money worries. 

At NZCU South we provide exclusively to members a unique affordable Credicare Bereavement Fund.  This is a special service that ensures when a Credicare member dies, money is immediately available to the family.  

Here’s how it works

Each member agrees that on the death of another member, $4.00 can be automatically withdrawn from their savings account.

The money is then pooled and the total is paid to the deceased member’s nominated beneficiary, providing the family with immediate cash assistance.

Who may join?

Any person under 60 and in good health, who is an either an active member of the NZCU South, or is the spouse/partner of an active member of NZCU South may join Credicare.

What are the costs?

An initial joining fee of $5.00 and a mere $4.00 on the death of another member.

What is the current benefit paid out?

The current Credicare Fund stands at 2432 members with the latest benefit paid out being $9,728. (as at 15 May 2012)

Talk to us today to see how Credicare can help your loved ones with financial help when they need it most.  Click here and we will be in touch with you or phone 0800 86 56 36.

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