NZCU for easy banking

NZCU represents a group of NZ credit unions, owned by their members and not about profit, but all about you!

We offer affordable cash loans NZ and personal loans NZ. Cash loans can be either secured or unsecured loans – you pay less if you can offer some security. Do you need a debt consolidation loan or car finance, or do you need fast cash for a holiday or wedding?

We are here to help you, we are here for fast easy loans and easy banking.

Apply now and pay from only 13.95% per annum for a personal loan.

NZCU is a full service credit union group with a wide range of financial products including not just loans, but every day banking, saver accounts, term investments, debit cards, Kiwi Saver investments, …

  • We’re not about profit, we’re all about you,
  • We’re not on your back, we’re on your side,
  • Easy banking starts right here.

Proud to be a Credit Union – NZCU is not a registered bank.

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